Don Antonio Aguilar Mezcal Reposado

T March 04, 2012
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Don Antonio Aguilar Mezcal Reposado

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Don Antonio Aguilar
Zacatecas, MX
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Mezcal Don Antonio Aguilar Reposado

The great Mezcal fans have been choosing Don Antonio Aguilar to remember a great personality that changed the Mexican culture with his music. This award-winning classic is crafted from 100% Blue Agave and rests in oak barrels for 8 months to obtain smoother and more refined flavors. It's the #1 selling Real de Jalpa Product, made 100% of Agave "Tequilana Weber".

Real de Jalpa currently has their own Blue Agave plantation in Zacatecas, Mexico. Only Blue Agave is planted and maintained by expert Jimadors. Each Agave is grown until it reaches optimal maturity, which takes from six to eight years before harvesting. The Agaves are steam cooked in large autoclaves, and then shredded / pressed to remove the juices. Don Antonio Aguilar Mezcal is double distilled and rests in white oak for 8 months.

Antonio Aguilar Barraza also called "El Charro de México" was born in may 17, 1919, he was a Mexican film actor, singer, producer and screenwriter. During his career, he made over 150 albums, which sold 25 million copies, and made 167 movies. He was born in a small town of Villanueva in the state of Zacatecas. He spend his early childhood in a hacienda first built in 1596 in the town of Tayahua, about 35 km from Villanueva.

Aguilar began his singing career in 1952 during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. He is credited with popularising la charrería, considered to have originated in Mexico, to international audiences, also was the first Mexican performer to mix rodeos and concerts while touring his show in Latin America and the United States. He made 167 movies and has been compared to American actors like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Ronald Reagan. Amongst his best ranchera films are Yo... el aventurero (1959), Caballo prieto azabache (1968) El ojo de vidrio (1969), and Valente Quintero (1973). Aguilar appeared in American western films like 1969's The Undefeated starring John Wayne.

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Initial Taste
Don Antonio Aguilar Reposado * Tasted March 2012 * Riedel Tequila Glass

Appearance: medium straw - slow tears
Aroma: agave and oak, berries with light grass
Initial Taste: sweet agave
Spirit Body: agave, vanilla and oak
Finish / Aftertaste: heated finish, woody mint aftertaste

This Mezcal is similar to Tequila and produced with more modern production methods with Blue Agave from Zacatecas. This is not what you would expect from typical Mezcals and does not exhibit smokey characteristics due to cooking the Agave above ground.
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