I started using Agave Nectar as a sweetner base in a lot of different cocktails...

My favorite non agave cocktail is a whiskey sour:

Heres my recipe for a good sour mix. You could also use this with an anejo for an anejo sour, I didnt have much Gran Centenario Anejo left but I made one with it and it was great.

2 Ounces of Fresh Lemon Juice (I choose organic, they are juicier around here) - 2 Lemons
1 Ounce of Fresh Dandy Tangerine Juice (I also chose organic) - 2 Dandy Tangerines
4 Ounces of Purified Water
1-2 Ounces of Agave Nectar (Also organic)

Pair with your preferred amount of tasty whiskey. I typically have done about half and half with Pendleton Canadian Whiskey which has a very soft palate and blends well with a drink.