Like Tequila? Love Sotol - A Walk On The Wild Side

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Sotol Hacienda de recently had the extreme pleasure of visiting the land of Sotol, Chihuahua, Mexico.  The state marked for the death of two of Mexico's most prominent male figures; founding father Priest Miguel Hidalgo and revolutionary leader Francisco (Pancho) Villa, is also the beautiful land of the Copper Mountains and Canyon.  The majestic Copper Canyon, estimated to be 8 times bigger than the Grand Canyon, is also home to the Tarahumaras; the indigenous people who still live under their ancient laws and customs.  Rich in history, geography, and culture, it should come as no surprise that in the vast deserts of Chihuahua, lies one of Mexico's best kept Agave treasures; a wild Agavacea species scientifically known as 'Dasylirion'.  Over 800 years ago, the local indigenous people discovered the magical intoxicating properties of this wild Agave plant.  Centuries later we are presented with the distinguished super premium spirit called Sotol.