El Viejito Tequila Silver

T November 12, 2007
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El Viejito Tequila Silver

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El Viejito
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Tequila El Viejito Silver

Tequila El Viejito, a natural, 100% Blue Agave Tequila of the highest quality and taste, and the result of three generations of family experience and tradition.

El Viejito Tequila Silver is made using only the finest mature Blue Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, cooked slowly in brick ovens. After a double distillation in copper and stainless steel pot stills it is bottled directly. As preferred by the old "tequileros", 42% Alc./Vol. with distinctive Agave characteristics, it is appreciated straight or mixed.

The "El Viejito" distillery is a family owned company founded in the town of Atotonilco El Alto (some 98 km from Guadalajara, in the "highlands" of the state of Jalisco) by Mr. Indalecio Núñez Muro in 1937.

This region is known, among other things, for having the best land, climate, water and altitude for growing Agave, and thus for the quality of the tequilas produced in the area.

The name "El Viejito", which means "the little old man", is a reflection of the importance many cultures attribute the elders and denotes respect for wisdom, quality and experience... Mr. Indalecio used to say "it gives the idea of well made".

Mr. Indalecio, and both his sons Jorge and Antonio were all Presidents of the National Tequila Industry Association, and "El Viejito" was one of the founders of the Tequila Regulatory Council in 1994.

"El Viejito" recently inaugurated its new distillery. These modern and efficient Facilities join and renew commitment and integrity to impulse social and economic development while being a good steward of the environment, "El Viejito" is in the process of obtaining a "clean industry" certification.

High quality water, ripe agave and lots of experience combine to produce the premium tequila we have been making since 1937.

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El Viejito Silver * Tasted June 2010 * Riedel Tequila Glass

Appearance: clear - slow tears
Aroma: raw agave and green pepper
Initial Taste: rich agave, vegetal
Spirit Body: sweet / spicy citrus
Finish / Aftertaste: medium heat mouthfeel, long finish with sweet agave and citrus
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