METL 2012 Mezcal Anejo

T February 17, 2007
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METL 2012 Mezcal Anejo

Mezcal Review

METL 2012

METL 2012 Reserva Especial Anejo Mezcal

METL 2012 Anejo Mezcal - 100% Pure Espadin Agave - Elevation 6,100 ft above sea level

METL 2012 Anejo is aged 13 months in American oak barrels. The extensive aging allows our premier Mezcal to develop a smooth, sweet flavor with bountiful character and a deep, clean finish. Best enjoyed as a sipping Mezcal.

*METL 2012 Anejo goes nicely with steak and pasta.

QUETZALCOATL - The Aztec god of peace and prosperity, worshipped by many ancient tribes as both the morning and evening star.

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