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Thread: Rivera Restaurant - Downtown LA

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    Default Rivera Restaurant - Downtown LA

    Any of you LA guys try Rivera yet? Jefe? Pina?

    Custom made Tequila chairs, Tequila on Tap, store your own personal bottle of Rivera super Anejo...

    Sounds cool, but expensive.

    Rivera Restaurant

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    This place is pretty cool, definitely some place I would like to try soon. Work is sending me in a few weeks.
    Quien quiere un tequilaso....

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    Hadn't heard of it. I will try to get there in the next few weeks or so and write up a review.

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    The infused tequilas intrigue me the most. I may be 2000 miles away but if I'm ever in the area I would love to try it out.

    I have been experimenting with making my own fusions with Blanco Tequila and also with Vodka. I have had a wonderful result in a mixed berry tequila which is a perfect addition to the traditional margarita to give it a unique color and flavor.

    I have a post somewhere about new fusions to try. If I can track it down I'll post some new recipes. Its a lot of fun! I'm skeptic about using herbs and florals but apparently Rivera in LA has mastered it and I may try it soon. I dont understand how they have fusions that are 15% Alcohol? I thought the purpose was to alter the spirit without dilluting it?
    Tequila Don Valente....ask for it.

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