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Thread: El Zacatecano

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    Default El Zacatecano

    My local state-run liquor store just started carrying the whole El Zacatecano line, so I shot for the middle and picked up a bottle of reposado.
    It's good. Real good. Smooth, very little alcohol burn. Fairly intense vegetal nose, nice initial green olive taste with a hint of smoke and somewhat strong oak. Long, and very pleasant finish.
    I'll post a proper review soon.

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    Cool mezcal el zacatecano

    I tasted el zacatecano anejo at a friends house. it was the first time i had
    tried mezcal, I really enjoyed it. I had a hard time finding a bottle. but I found
    it. now I got to find a place to buy it cheaper. I paid $40.00 dollars for it.
    I heard that in the near by towns of Huitsila this bottle is $180 pesos. that is about $15.00 dollars. If any body knows of a place to get this cheaper than
    $40 dollars I would appreciate a whollar. I am in southern cal.


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