Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

T March 24, 2013
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Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

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Rock' N Roll
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Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila, (Liqor de Tequila) is produced with Blanco 100% Agave, grown and hand harvested in the highlands of Los Altos, Mexico especially for and imported by Rock N Roll Imports, and is known for its naturally silky smooth finish and crisp taste.

Rock N Roll Tequila has an exclusive celebrity affiliation with the "King Of Rock N Roll" Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley Enterprises).

Rock N Roll Tequila Mango is delicious in a margarita and is perfect for shots, sipping neat, on the rocks or for mixing in cocktails and comes showcased in a distinctive, highly crafted 750mL rock n roll guitar shaped bottle decanter with a 50mL sample bottle on top. The sample on top allows you to try one of the other versions of Rock N Roll Tequila.

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