Mar Azul Chocolate Tequila

T June 06, 2010
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Mar Azul Chocolate Tequila

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Mar Azul
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Tasting Awards
2011 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Tequila Liqueur
2011 Awards - Best of the Best

Mar Azul Chocolate Tequila

Mar Azul Chocolate Tequila is 100% de Agave Tequila with natural chocolate flavors.

Mar Azul Chocolate uses only the finest cocoa beans harvested in the tropical regions near the equator. Using our unique processes Mar Azul Chocolate truly embodies a rich chocolate flavor.

Sensory Notes
AROMA: Full, Rich and Savory
TASTE: Semisweet and dark chocolate, mild but distinctive taste
FINISH: Lingering fudge with a long and smooth finish

Tradition of Quality
Mar Azul has taken hundreds of years of tradition and refined it to make the world’s best Tequila. Just as there are differences between “moonshine and fine sipping bourbon” there are differences between tequilas. We have found that when using 100% natural ingredients, we can consistently produce the finest quality tequila available today.

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