Mi Casa Tequila Blanco

T September 18, 2011
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Mi Casa Tequila Blanco

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Mi Casa
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Mi Casa Tequila Blanco

Mi Casa Tequila Blanco is 100% Agave and bottled directly after distillation.

Mi Casa Tequila is family-owned and operated, our plantation sits at six thousand feet elevation in the temperate highlands of Michoacán. Our Blue Weber Agave grows in rich red soil, rolling hills and majestic White Oak trees.

Each plant is hand selected for harvest after maturing naturally for up to ten years. Small hand-selected batches ensure the delicate harmony of the land is maintained at all times.

At the distillery the agave is baked for sixteen hours in stainless steel autoclave ovens. This produces an even baking of the plant and uniform sugar content throughout the entire batch. Double distilled and aged in charred White Oak bourbon barrels, we assure you only the finest Agave is mirrored in our product.

We are proud to introduce you to an artisanal tequila that is both aromatic and exquisite. It represents our past and our future. The land from which we came now becomes the land that sustains us. We value excellence, honesty, beauty, culture and most of all, family. We invite you to join us. Mi Casa es su casa.

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