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Blancos T January 27, 2007 116922
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I want to start by saying I scored this 100 on enjoyability for a specific reason I'll get to in a second, this by no means makes it my favorite tequila.

Oh Patron one of if not the most polarizing tequilas on the market. I'm not going to bash this like others do. I'm smart enough to recognize what purpose this dryness and it does very well.

Myself and I'm sure others cut there teeth on Patron. I being an avid scotch/bourbon guy stayed clear of the stuff after hearing the stereotypical horror stories of tequila. Until this past 4th of July when my tequila drinking (taking shots of Patron lol) aunt talked me into shooting the stuff all night.

Smell there is hardly any maybe slight agave. Taste slight rubber grassy clean and crisp. Here's where I think Patron ropes the non tequila drinkers in, little burn and smooth going down.

This is why I rated Patron 100 for enjoyability. From this experience not only did my aunt get me to do and continue to do shots with here she got my wife to do it too which never happens we had a great night that night. There have been other parties and bars I've been to where Patron was involved all were great nights. It gets people to drink together and have a good time and I'm all about that.

You can argue to someone until your facE turns red that Patron sucks, but good luck getting them to drink what your are unless they are extremely open minded. Plus it's a good intro tequila to where if you have friends who are willing to branch out can stay here.

Bad, good, great? Good for me. Great for get togethers and go times.
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