30-30 Tequila Anejo

T March 10, 2008
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30-30 Tequila Anejo

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Tasting Awards
2011 TEQUILA.net Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Highland Añejo Tequila 2008 Agave Spirits Challenge, Gold Medal
2011 TEQUILA.net Awards - Best of the Best2008 Agave Spirits Challenge Gold Medal

Tequila 30-30 Anejo

Tequila 30-30 Anejo is 100% Agave, aged in oak for at least one year, and produced at AgroIndustria Guadalajara S.A.de C.V. Tequila 30-30 is refined for various tastes and can satisfy even the most demanding palates in the world.


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