Herencia del Mezcalero Mezcal Reposado

T April 17, 2011
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Herencia del Mezcalero Mezcal Reposado

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2012 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Aged Mezcal
2012 Awards - Best of the Best

Herencia del Mezcalero Mezcal Reposado

Herencia del Mezcalero Reposado is produced from exuberant Espadin Agaves nurtured to perfection - 10 years - under the velvety Oaxaca nights. Only then do we harvest them, fire roasting them for days, and running it through a triple distillation process. For over 100 years, our family has made fine sipping Mezcals using this artisinal process. Triple distilled and aged to perfection, Herencia del Mezcalero, our legacy, is a tribute to the artisinal spirit we embrace in our friendships, our families, and our fiestas.

For centuries, the Zapotec and Mixtec Indians used Mezcal in their rituals, folklore, weddings and healing ceremonies. They roasted the Agave hearts over open fires, and this was consumed as a main food source.

The inhabitants of Oaxaca and its blessed Valley, developed an ancient bond with Mezcal. After the Conquistadors came, the indigenous people embraced the new approach of distillation for their time-honored spirit.

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