Fidencio Mezcal Clasico Joven

T April 21, 2011
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Fidencio Mezcal Clasico Joven

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2011 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Joven Mezcal
2011 Awards - Best of the Best

Fidencio Mezcal Clasico Joven

Fidencio Mezcal Clasico Joven is 100% Estate grown Agave Espadin, is unaged, and 44% alcohol volume.

Enrique Jimenez is a fourth generation mezcalero and the creator of Fidencio Mezcal.

Harvest  – At Fidencio Mezcal all of our agave is at least ten years old.  We practice biodynamic farming; always harvesting in the new moon. The phase of the moon during harvest has a profound influence on the flavor of mezcal. A new moon harvest will result in a more delicate mezcal and a full moon harvest will tend to have a more robust flavor.  During harvest, the farmers remove the long, sharp leaves and separate the body from the roots. At this point the agave is referred to as a piña because it resembles a very large pineapple. The piñas are then trucked to the palenque (distillery).

Roast – The Agave for the Clasico are roasted in the traditional method. The oven is a stone lined earthen pit. A fire of Encino, the local black oak, is lit in the pit, which heats up the stones. When the fire goes out and the stones are hot, the Agave is piled in the pit and buried. After three days the smoky maguey is ready.

Crush – The roasted piñas are removed from the oven and brought to the grinder to be crushed. The grinder is a large stone wheel made out of cantera rosa (rose quartz). Hitched to the wheel is Rocio, the trusty steed that powers the grinder. As Rocio makes his rounds, the roasted piñas are crushed, releasing the sweet agave juice. This liquid is called aguamiel or honey water.

Wash – The crushed agave is mixed with water three times. The Agave fiber is kept and used in distillation to extract maximum flavor.

Ferment – After the wash, the mash is placed in fermentation vats. The vats are made from pine and do not have a cover. With the help of the indigenous, airborne yeast, the magic of fermentation proceeds. This usually takes six days to complete but will vary depending on the air temperature.

Distill  – The fermented juice is pumped into our alembic (pot still) and twice distilled. It is then evaporated and collected. With each pass through the still, we separate the heart (corazon) of the distillate from the head (cabeza) and tail (cola), which are not used for mezcal. At this point we have mezcal that is at batch strength.  Water is then added to bring down the final alcohol level to 44%, or 88 proof.  We now have Fidencio Clasico Joven, ready for bottling. Why separate? Different parts of the fermented agave juice evaporate at different temperatures. The impurities are found in the beginning and end (head and tail) of the distillation cycle. Only the corazon is used in the final product.

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