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Blancos T December 20, 2006 40426
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I'm a new member to this post - in fact signed up just a few hours ago. I'm delighted to have read at least one review of my favorite drink. I've been drinking Chichicapa mezcal for the past dozen or so years after having moved to Texas for graduate school. I am now back in Brooklyn and have not met anyone who has understood the pleasure of drinking Chichicapa. Succinctly stated it is by far the best alcoholic beverage on the planet, albeit I respect of course that it is not for everyone. I've turned some people on to it yet they were unable to appreciate its smoky seductive nature and power. The member "tukeelabeep" has hit it right on the head in all accounts. In fact I agree with this member's comments completely (with the exception that I gave 100's in my ratings). I would add that drinking Chichicapa is like giving your insides a wonderful slow glow -- the smoky taste first embraces one's tongue with a subtle warmth and slowly dances down one's throat warming everything in its path and finally landing gently in one's chest region where I like to believe it ultimately warms the soul. I guess I could say (I'm going out on a limb here folks) Chichicapa seemingly wraps its taste around the heart in a unique blanket of smoky warmth. I know I sound rather dramatic and poetic in my description but it's all good - all true. Drink it and feel the power. It's a beautiful experience. If you're living in a cold zone and you're without a fireplace, like me, then drink Chichicapa. You'll understand. But please sip it. I'm not a rep by the way (though I would like to meet Faustino Garcia Vasquez and visit Chichicapa one of these days); I'm just an exuberant guy who appreciates good things. And Chichicapa fits the bill. Big time.
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