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Blancos T December 20, 2006 40426
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Understand these things... I don't ever award 100, I like bold flavors, and if I was ever stranded on a desert island, I would hope that it was with a case of Del Maguey Single Village CHICHICAPA Mezcal. Since the first time I had the pleasure of tasting this heavenly elixir, I have not been able to get enough. This is not just my favorite mezcal or agave product, it is my favorite liquor! The aroma is one that brings me back to the comfort of being near a roaring camp or beach fire; calming from the warmth with distinct smoke that stays with you. The initial taste is a full mouth experience. Initially with a buttery taste across the front 2/3 of the tongue, ending with a full display of sweet, but dry, agave notes and smoke (once again) that make you realize you are definitely not drinking a tequila. The finish leaves your whole mouth tingling from the experience. Your tongue, throat, and roof of your mouth seem revived as if they had been sleeping through every tasting prior to this one. Smoky flavors remain in your mouth, similar to those experienced after having smoked a very good cigar (not lasting as long) but clearly reminding you of the events that brought you here. The presentation is to be noted. While the bottle, itself, is no more notable than an $8 table wine, the label and bottle seal are very special. Del Maguey prides itself on some beautiful painting style labels and has the only wax sealed bottle top that I have observed in the bottling industry. Each bottle also comes in a elegant, woven, two piece bottle cover that is a product of the village from which it originated. Each package is simple, understated, and, subsequently beautiful. Because it is a work of art, Del Maguey also happens to sell prints of its labels at their website ( At the end of any day, I love many (any) agave products. I consider Del Maguey to be superior among them. But the one I want to end my day is the Chichicapa Single Village Mezcal. By the way... if you are able to find the Del Maguey products at a liquor store. insist that it be accompanied by the woven bottle cover. These are so special that I have seen many stores keeping them off of the shelf.
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