Beneva Mezcal Anejo

T January 07, 2008
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Beneva Mezcal Anejo

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Mezcal Beneva Anejo

Mezcal Beneva Anejo - The art of combining experience and quality, aged in our caves for one year in barrels of white oak.

It's colour of deep amber and gold, together with it's bouquet of dry herbs and slightly smoked caramel, invites one to savour it. Mezcal Benevá Añejo enjoys an award by the French Embassy in Mexico.

Benevá - the brand name of our authentic Mezcal products originates from the Zapoteco dialect and means ancient. Its significance within our prehispanic culture is 'wisdom acquired by age'!

To harmonize with our brand name Benevá, we selected the 'goddess of thirteen snakes' as our logo image, originating from vault 19 at Monte Albán, without doubt appropriate within the context, lending a 'universal presence' to our noble Mezcal.

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