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Excellia Tequila Añejo

Excellia Tequila Añejo is 100% Agave and is aged for 18 months in Grand Cru Sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels. Excellia Añejo is a unique Añejo Tequila that spurns the easy, standard añejo-tequila road of vanilla-and-honey in favor of a great, challenging flavor profile that gives the Añejo category what it has until now lacked: credibility as great, aged Tequila, without concessions to sweetness.

Excellia is the fruit of the meeting of two visionary men:
Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, groundbreaking brand creator and producer (G'Vine gin and esprit de June liqueur) and Carlos Camarena, precursor and award-winning tequila master-distiller (Tapatio and El Tesoro tequilas).

Sharing the same common values, the two men respect the traditions, know-hows and the culture they’re coming from while implementing their innovative vision to the spirit industry.

Excellia benefits from the influence of three different regions and two cultures:
Los altos (Jalisco, Mexico)
A hot and dry climate followed by a heavy rainy season and the rich red clay soil rich in minerals of the highlands generate sweet, soft and fruity Agaves.

Sauternes region (France)
A micro-climate with foggy mornings, sunny afternoons by the river and botrytis create the Grand Cru of dessert wine with delicate notes of dried fruits and flowers and a perfect balance between acidity and sugar.

Cognac region (France)
A lot of sun with the right amount of rain, mild temperatures all year long thanks to the ocean's influence and the region's chalky soil contribute to the finest brandy and its so specific rancio character.

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