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Thread: Spicy tequila cocktails

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    Default Spicy tequila cocktails

    share your spicy tequila cocktails!

    Sin-grita cocktail 
    this is one ive been playing with a little, this is what ive got so far, and i think it has a nice flavor blend
    -2 slices of orange
    -3-4 lime wedges
    -.5oz-1oz rock candy
    muddle all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass
    1.5oz Casa Noble Reposado tequila
    .5oz Cointraeu or Citronge
    Pinch of Kosher salt and ground black pepper, and your choice of hot sauce (i use a habenero base taco sauce... just a few drops)
    fill remainder of mixing glass with tomato juice, shake, then dump entire contents into serving glass
    I rim the serving glass with a chili salt rim (kosher salt, sugar, black pepper and red pepper, then beat it up in a spice grinder a little. this is great on your traditional margarita as well.)

    This is a drink we do at the restaurant i work at called:
    Chupa Cabra
    1.5oz Cazadores silver
    .05oz rock candy
    juice from half a lime
    2 slices of jalapeno.
    Shake all ingredients then top with ginger beer.
    Strain into serving glass, garnish with a jalapeno and mint sprig

    no name for this one
    1.5oz blanco tequila of choice (ive just been pouring horonitos since its affordable)
    .5-.75oz cointraeu
    juice from 1/2 lime
    agave nectar
    cranberry juice
    couple drops of hot sauce
    shaken , then strained into serving glass

    its pretty good as well if you muddle down fresh cranberries and add a touch of fresh lemon sour, instead of using cranberry juice.
    Its a good tart/spicy substitute for a margarita.

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    try this, it's pretty damn good,

    6 cubes of cucumbers
    6 leaves from cilantro sprig
    1/2 jalapeno sliced
    1/2 juice of lime
    1/2 table of sugar

    fill a martinti glass with ice so that it mcan chill the glass

    muddle this (really break this stuff down)
    then pour 3 oz of Blanco
    3oz of simple syrup, and ice
    shake and strain (throw out ice that was used to chill glass)

    Awesome drink and it's layered, so the first you will smell the cucumber, then you will feel the cilantro and as it makes it's way down you'll feel the kick of the jalepeno.
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    that sounds good. i have used cilantro in a few of my tequila cocktails. Ive done cucumber with some asian style cocktails, but havent yet tried it in any tequila cocktails. Ill have to give it a spin. thanks

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