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Thread: The All-Natural Paloma

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    Default The All-Natural Paloma

    I love grapefruit soda but I hate all the garbage that is usually in them... artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, various preservatives, esther of wood rosin, brominated vegetable oil... just gross! So... when I am in the mood for a deliciously fresh tasting and still easy to make paloma without all the garbage, it goes something like this:

    2oz Tequila Blanco

    juice of half a lime, or about .5oz (optional but delicious)

    2oz fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

    3 tablespoons agave nectar

    4 oz club soda

    Mix everything EXCEPT the club soda in a shaker with ice, shake well, pour into a large highball glass or tumbler, add club soda and ice to fill glass, stir gently and enjoy!

    Trust me, after you try your palomas this way, you'll never go back to the canned stuff. Its like the difference between bottled margarita mix and a real margarita.

    **NOTE: After a few more tastings, I've decided to revise my amounts a little... I think the way I had it was a little heavy on the grapefruit and needed a touch more agave. The amounts now shown reflect the correct amounts for improved flavor.

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    Default Re: The All-Natural Paloma

    I completely agree. Its hard to make a quality Paloma with Squirt. The best drinks are always made from scratch

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    Default Re: The All-Natural Paloma

    Hey Kamikazee, I was thinking about your post when a friend came by the other day with a dozen fresh pink grapefruits he picked from his parent's tree here in Florida. As soon as I looked at how fresh they were I immediately thought "PALOMA"! I proceeded to juice all dozen of them. I liked the sound of your recipe and the only change I made was strictly a personal taste preference of a little more grapefruit juice (it was so naturally sweet) and just a long splash of fizz. It was as fresh & tasty as could be. Nice job keeping it fresh & simple!
    P.S. I used El Tesoro Blanco in the Paloma......Smoooooth!
    Sip & Savor... please don't shoot!

    Salud, Jim

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    Great recipe, you're right on the money with this, just the way mother nature intended it all natural, minus the club soda of course but still great!
    Quien quiere un tequilaso....

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    Thank you Kamikazee, I just made this with your recipe and it was, how you do say, SPECTACULAR!

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