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Thread: TQ Hot, where are you????

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    Default Re: TQ Hot, where are you????

    Nate, I came accross a bunch of the stuff the other day. All different size bottles. Where are you located? I am in Norcal.

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    Default FOUND IT!!!!!!

    If anyone is interested, let me know. I found a pub in Palmer Lake CO that still has some in stock. Im not sure if they would sell me a bottle or more, but I'm thinking about offering a hundred bucks for a bottle if I can. How much are you willing to pay? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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    Default I have 2 bottles of T.Q. Hot!

    I plan to put them up on Ebay very soon along with some other pretty rare tequilas over the next few weeks. I sell under the name "guy-$tuff". Happy bidding!

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    Can you tell me what all the fuss over T.Q Hot is, I have a 750ml bottle myself and if its so rare, how much is it worth to sell on ebay or should i just drink it myself??

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    Default Lookin for T.Q. hot

    Hey- does anyone on here still have tq hot. Trying to track down a bottle for my dad's 50th. If anyone has any, please let me know how much etc. Needs to be able to be posted to Australia... Thanks.

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