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Thread: Planning to Host a Tequila Tasting for Wedding Guests in Puerto Vallarta

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    Default Planning to Host a Tequila Tasting for Wedding Guests in Puerto Vallarta

    I am planning to host a tequila tasting for my destination wedding guests. I am planning on serving 4-5 different tequilas.

    Which tequilas should I choose that are easily accessible in Puerto Vallarta?
    How much should I expect to spend per bottle of each tequila and how many bottles of each tequila will I need for 50 guests?

    Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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    At 1oz pours you will need about 2 bottles of each tequila for 50 people. Assuming the bottles are 750 ml. Some tequilas in Mex. Are 700 ml and also found in 1 liter bottles. I would recommend a tasting of a blanco, reposado, and anejo of tequila siete leguas. Congrats on the wedding.

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    Congratulations on the wedding. I am assuming that by different kinds of tequilas you meant different brands, versus the different categories of tequila. For the different brands I would recommend the following: 7 Leguas, Casa Noble, Tapatio, El Tesoro, or Los Abuelos. They are all readily available in PV with the exception of Los Abuelos, that one may be hard to find. I would go to any La Playa liquor store in town, there are a few in town, they have great prices. The most expensive would be the anejos and extra anejos in the above brands. I paid around $42 for the Casa Noble repo back in Sept. of last year the Tapatio was around $24 for the repo as well as the 7 Leguas. Good luck!

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