It's great to hear everyone's thought on this. Mr. A you are dead on with your comments on Herradura. I have never been there but it is certainly a goal of mine someday soon. I have read (Bob Emmons Guide to Tequila) that besides the fact that they do not buy any of their agave on the open market (estate grown & bottled only) they only use natural yeasts in their fermentation process. They have isolated over 15 different strains which they feel that each imparts its own flavor to the tequila. No accelerators are used, with the full fermentation cycle normally taking six to eight days. Since we will all be tasting their El Jimador label this Sunday, I also found out something else interesting about Herradura. El Jimador was originally sold only in Mexico up until 1996 when it began being imported into the U.S. Also the Herradura label was so well liked by American entertainers Bing Crosby & Phil Harris that they helped introduce it to the U.S. market in the 1950's.