Gran Padre Tequila Reposado

T June 01, 2016
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Gran Padre Tequila Reposado

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Gran Padre Tequila Reposado

Gran Padre Tequila Reposado rests 8-months in American Oak barrels to deliver a light, golden Tequila that delivers a pleasant silkiness on the palate while maintaining great body.

Located in the heart of the Tequila region in the State of Jalisco, México is the family-owned and operated Destilería 501. An excess of 1 million Agave plants of varying ages are being carefully nurtured on land owned or controlled by the family. Once the Blue Weber Agave piñas are harvested, they are transported to a historic Destilería located in the village of El Arenal. The Destilería is equipped with a century-old ceramic oven, as well as the latest stainless steel autoclave oven to ensure each and every bottle of our tequila gets the same personalized attention to quality, taste and presentation.

From the planting of the Agave to the cooking of the hand selected piñas, the natural fermentation and distillation process that preserves the flavors and aromas worthy of only the finest tequilas, every step is performed by 2nd and 3rd generation jimadors that work for Destilería 501. 100% control over the entire process from the field to the shelf positions Destilería 501 spirits in a very exclusive and select list of brands that only a small percentage of the tequilas on the market can attest to.

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