Don Abraham Tequila Reposado

T June 11, 2007
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Don Abraham Tequila Reposado

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Tasting Awards
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge Silver Medal
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge Silver Medal

Tequila Don Abraham Reposado

To obtain tequila Don Abraham reposado 100% agave, our experts use blue age agave plants that have reached the best physiological matureness. The elaboration process in supervised step by step until we obtain natural tequila blanco, which then is aged for 9 months in oak barrels that give the authentic color, aroma and flavor of the tequila reposado Don Abraham.

Tequila Don Abraham is elaborated in the valley of Amatitan "Tequila" Jalisco, Mexico. In this region the perfect combination of soil, weather and other natural factors, allow to have the best conditions required to produce blue agaves of the highest quality which are selected by experts to be use in the elaboration of 100 agave "Silver, reposado and Aged Tequila Don Abraham".

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