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This is another nice product from Cesar Monterrey. I've reviewed the blanco and the anejo, so I thought that I would give my two cents on the reposado. The blanco was hotly spicey and fruity, with an interesting array of other flavors, but not the smoothest tequila out there. (Actually, in hindsight, I wish I had rated the blanco higher than I did). The anejo also had an acutely spicey agave taste, but the time it spent in the bourbon-cured oak cask imparted a sweet richness. The bourbon touch my not be to the taste of the agave juice purists, but I love it in the context of that spirit and it is hands down my favorite tequila anejo. The reposado sits in between these two. You still get most of the spicey agave sparkle of the blanco and some of the bourbon sweetness of the anejo. Overall, spicey, rich and smooth, and better than 90 plus percent of the reposados out there. Generally, I am not a reposado fan, but if I had to go with a reposado, this would be in my top three (along with Casa Noble and 1921).

I rated the price a 93 because I know of a store in Austin that sells it at around $30 per bottle, but a store I visited at South Padre Island charged $52 per bottle, and those are the only two liquor stores that I am aware of that carry Cesar Monterrey. So, what it will set you back is not clear, but the bigger question is whether you can find it all. Cesar Monterrey tequilas appear to be fairly hard to find.
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