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Reposados T May 12, 2008 111002
A Bargain Tequila with Premium Taste
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I see that most or all of these previous reviews have taken place several years in the past. While I was reading these I was wondering if they were talking about the same tequila that I have been drinking recently. Perhaps quality control has changed and in recent years 1800 has improved dramatically. Just so you know a little about my drinking history, before this brand became one of my favorites, I was a dyed in the wool, Corralejo Reposado loyal consumer. If it wasn’t Corralejo, I didn’t drink it. When I drink tequilas, I’m not too interested in color, aroma or “presentation”. I am primarily interested in the taste. I don’t care if the color is like engine sludge or its aroma is like a country outhouse, I want a great taste. Start, body and finish. In the past I’ve tried several of the more popular tequilas including the king of advertising hype, Patron. A few tequilas that cost in excess of $100 per bottle. That was when I realized that cost did not equate with taste. In the end my latest personal opinion is that for my money, you can’t beat 1800 Reserve. The bottom line, in my humble opinion is that you can’t go wrong with 1800. If you are a novice, this is a great place to start. You will search long and hard to find a better tasting, smoother tequila. So if you’re looking for a great tasting tequila that is still easy on the pocket book, you can’t go wrong with 1800 Reserve.
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