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Liqueurs - Flavored T March 25, 2008 22502
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Well, when you travel to Mexico and have the opportunity to bring back tequila - you know that the number of bottles will be limited. You don't want to make bad selections so you don't waste any space. For me, this was a slam dunk since I love both tequila and almond liqueur. The distillery was Casa Reyes and it is located on the same street as Orendain and El Llano (which was the original Orendain fabrica) which now produces Tres Mujeres. Evidently there is only one production run a year at this fabrica and that includes this liqueur. I was struck by the very different flavor produced by the combination of almonds and tequila together. It is sweet and even nutty and the color is lighter than regular almond liqueurs. Since the product would seem to be rare - I am reluctant to mix it in cocktails, something I would normally do with any liqueur. This is an after dinner drink for me and not one I would consume after drinking any quantity of tequila. The flavor is like no other I have tried even when I have mixed regular tequilas with almond liqueurs. Much of the flavor has to do with the local source of almonds and the local source of agave. The aroma is so light that you have to work at detecting the order. The first taste is surprising since it is a completely new experience. The body is extremely light and the product goes down very smooth. At the finish I tasted more almond than tequila - which is what I wanted. My girlfriend Linda wanted a little more body but she thought the finish was perfectly balanced. We both loved it and it was only $24.00 a bottle - in Mexico.
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