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Blancos T July 25, 2010 25752
A bit too hot and herbal...
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Higher proof tequilas are appearing more and more in the marketplace these days. Dulce Vida was one of the first out there from a group in Austin, Texas. The bottles are striking and the presentation is classy, yet hip. It definitely gets your attention.

Price: $40-45/bottle

Aroma: Cooked agave with herbal and vegetal notes...and a nose of alcohol

Initial Taste: Lowland agave taste with really heavy herbal notes.

Body: Medium thickness with nice oils. The heavy vegetal, earthy and herbal notes take over the agave too much and make it a bit medicinal with a strong alcohol flavor.

Finish: There’s a lot of flavors going on, but the overall profile has a real harshness that makes it difficult to enjoy neat. The agave tastes a bit raw and the herbs taste medicinal. Strong flavors, but just too many rough edges.

There's times where I feel like my reviews can be a bit unfair because obviously my preferred taste won't necessarily match those of everyone out there. There's plenty of people who seek out 125+ proof whiskeys, but that's not really my thing either.

If you are a person who loves high proof spirits and/or a really herbaceous blanco, then you will probably love Dulce Vida. For me personally, I think that this would make a really unique mixed drink and also that aged varieties of Dulce Vida will have a lot of complexity and character.

I wish that I could say one thing and just run with it, but I want to be fair to what I'm tasting and I encourage you to do the same. This tequila is probably not for newbies. And experienced tequila drinkers will probably enjoy the challenge and complexity of this blanco.
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