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Blancos T December 17, 2006 82457
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Casa Noble has a very extensive web page ( where I was able to get a great amount of information regarding the company, its history and products. Casa Noble has a very interesting history starting in 1700s as a small distillery, which was part of this hacienda in Jalisco. Now it has remained a small distillery, which is based in the City of Tequila. Wilson Daniels represents it in the United States, which is a company better known for there up scale wine portfolio ( What makes Casa Noble so special is the care they have in all details. Starting with the basics, their own agave fields (3000acres), selection of the best blue agave (12 to 14 year old plants), natural fermentation (One of two distilleries that do it), triple distillation (Fist tequila to do this) and just a devotion to making the best tequila. Casa Noble Crystal is a full body tequila, I would say it is as a very thick shiny spirit with a lot of light but I like better how lirubis puts it: Once in contact with the tongue, you will feel a mild caress of the satiny smooth consistency of Crystal: a lavish coat of pure tequila teeming with sweet, delicate notes from the natural and slow fermentation process (at lower temperatures, the "mosto" acquires greater flavor from the mashed agave fibers and potent juice), so it is possible to trace the basic elements of traditional tequila: earthy, peppery tendencies on an ample bed of raw, fully matured agave plants. The aromas I get are very strong cooked blue agave with a lot of citrus and a nice sweet touch but what is most amazing is the balance and complexity. The taste confirms the aromas with the blue agave always present, even long after the tequila is gone, the citrus is there also, some herbs and a touch of pepper. Casa Noble Blanco (Crystal) is not just one of the best tequilas but one of the best spirits I have tasted. Some of the recognition this tequila has obtained is the double gold medal at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco (all judges gave it a perfect score), New York Times selected CN Blanco as best spirit in the market, New York Post finds it one of the finest spirits, Testing Institute selected Casa Noble Crystal as best silver tequila and it goes on and on. The presentation is elegant in a hand blown bottle with a special aluminum label and metal top, will look very elegant in any bar.
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