Demetrio Tequila Blanco

T September 18, 2012
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Demetrio Tequila Blanco

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2012 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Lowland Blanco Tequila
2012 Awards - Best of the Best

Demetrio Tequila Blanco

Demetrio Tequila Blanco is smooth and refreshing; made from 100% Blue Agave. Its unique blend is the result of decades of experience, tradition and innovation meant to satisfy even the most demanding tequila aficionados. Doubled distilled, its bright and clean flavor lends itself as an excellent companion for any drink, whether combined with exotic fruit juice to prepare the most delicious cocktails, or simply as a chilled shot.

Demetrio Tequila uses only the finest ingredients, from the highland blue agave to the crystal clear artesian well water, enhanced through a process that's been passed on from generation to generation and refined over the decades. All Demetrio Tequilas are free of colorants and additives.

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