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Anejos EJ El Jefe August 03, 2009 23549
El Ultimo Agave Tequila Añejo
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Sometimes a good tequila does not have a story associated with it. Sometimes, you just walk into the store, see the bottle on the shelf, recognize it to be one you have never tried - so - you buy it. The price is a bargain as long as the tequila is drinkable. Then you try it and you are blown away with the level of flavor you are experiencing for the price you paid. Anyone who loves añejo tequila and is working on a tight budget should buy a bottle of El Ultimo Agave. The flavor level of this product is easily in the $60 a bottle plus range - rather than the $25.00 I paid.
This tequila is the color of honey; a dark rich golden color. It is presented in a hand-blown dimpled glass bottle with a glass relief of a jimador cutting up an agave plant. The top is wooden with a real cork stopper. Everything about the tequila is authentic. The nose is sticky sweet - like unfermented agave. There is plenty of caramel and vanilla on the topside with fruit flavors lying just below the surface. On first taste, the fruit influence becomes more apparent but the caramelized sugar still dominates. Alcohol is only moderately apparent at first and quickly fades to almost nothing.
In a tasting glass there are thick legs with a medium viscosity in the main body of the liquid. In the mouth, this tequila coats all the elements at first, but then, backs off slightly to leave a bright, crisp open feel - like breathing fresh air. So - this is a fantastic value for the price. No one would expect a tequila at this price point to have a flavor this luxurious. It is a wonderful tequila to sip over the course of an evening. Perhaps, it is a dessert tequila since it is so sweet. It mixes well with any dessert having chocolate in the recipe. There are so many tequilas out there that I rarely buy a second bottle of the same brand or expression. El Ultimo Agave is an exception to my rule. For a lowland tequila, this is one every tequila lover should have on his bar.
Considering the production process for this tequila, it's a miracle how the flavor comes out. The bourbon barrels give it a very slight smokiness in addition to flavors best described as complex and lingering on the palate long after the last sip is swallowed.
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