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Porfidio as a fraudulent tequila
I would like to quote John Bragg, noted tequila expert.

"After years of subterfuge, Porfidio, the darling of the "in" crowd has been brought to it’s knees by the Consejo Regulador de Tequila, the Mexican tequila regulatory agency. In spite of a very creative marketing story, Porfidio has long been operating outside the law, according to the CRT.

Arrest warrants were issued recently for the founder, Austrian entrepreneur Martin Grassl and his administrator David Cano Vegal. According to CRT the Vallarta based Porfidio is "the most expensive fraud tequila on the market.

Last year Porfidio was banned from sales in Mexico and the CRT has sought since to eliminate the questionable tequila from the international market. Porfidio has been advertised as 100% blue agave tequila, but CRT found that it was actually fermented from other plants and misstated its alcohol content, violating Mexican Federal laws concerning tequila production.

In spite of warnings, Porfidio continued to be produced and distributed internationally and in June of 2001 the CRT confiscated 42,000 liters of Porfidio as part of a worldwide seizure of 250 million liters of "fake" tequila. CRT has filed criminal charges against the producers of the fake firewater for using fraudulent documentation as to the authenticity of their product. At this moment the whereabouts of Grassl and Cano are unknown and the distillery is not taking calls. "

and then this from Just Drinks
And I will add that we used the name Plata on El Tesoro five years before Herr Grassl and we never sued him for anything.
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