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Previously posted on the web Jan 14th, 2007 The restaurant had a nice relaxed atmosphere, and very trendy. The staff was polite and attentive. And the assistant manger was always around and concerned with the guests even to the point of making sure I had a glass of water. I found the food to be based in traditional Mexican with a Gourmet flair. I ordered a Tortilla sopa with pulled chicken. It had a nice visual presentation and it tasted great. I'm not much of a soup person but I do like Tortilla sopa. I ordered a Don Carranza Repo, it was nice I liked it and would like to try it again, did not do any tasting notes though. The main course was called a Budin Azteca which was again pulled chicken on a multi-layered tortilla pie. Again looked great and tasted even better. Most restaurants like this have high prices and tiny portions. The soup was huge and very filling at the end meal I was very satisfied. The prices on the menu run fair to high, but I ordered on the lower end of the menu and was still very happy with my choices. My waiter suggested I try his favorite the 1942 DJ. He brought me a sample of it and at $30 a shot I thought I would pass on it. Their prices are fair for the most part, but maybe not the best on some. Ranging in price from $8 to $50.(the high end shots where a little over priced eg 1942 $30) I was a tad disappoint with the pours maybe 1oz-1.5oz. I ended my night with the Carmessi Repo as I wanted to try it as I have heard Gabe talk about it on the forum. I liked it too and would pick it up if I get a chance, I think it is one that Laura would enjoy. Another cool thing that they do there I make fresh Guacamole right at your table side, now that's fresh. Nice restaurant with great staff, excellent mexiegourmet; it wouldn't be an everyday place for me but a nice treat every now and then, maybe say on my birthday.
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