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United States T June 26, 2007 16291
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Agave Spirit Selection
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This past September I finally made it to El Agave. A few months before a friend and I had read an article that they had 800 tequilas. We thought this might be an old number so we called and El Agave stated they had about 1,600 tequilas. We asked if they were all available to taste and they replied that they were. So little to say, I was very excited to when I was finally able to go to El Agave. I walked in and they had bottles everywhere. I was so impressed. There were only a few people in the restaurant but it still took quite some time to even get anyone to talk to me. Once I finally got some service, after walking around the restaurant a few times, I asked to taste the 93 Chinaco Blanco which was open and in one of their display cases. I was told that it was unavailable to taste. So I made another selection and was told the same thing. After having this happen about four times, I was told that I could only taste the tequila on the front wall and at the bar. These tequilas were basic run of the mill bottles available at most of our tequila bars in California so I ended up getting something basic since I was already there. The service continued to be horrible and I ended up just leaving $20 (more than enough to cover my tab which was around $10) because I did not want to wait all day to try to get the bartender to close me out. Overall, it was great to see all the bottles but other than that I would never recommend El Agave to anyone. It was very disappointing to travel hundreds of miles for a disappointment of this nature.
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