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My wife and I enjoyed a great mexican meal, nice atmosphere, and I got to try a couple of new tequilas by the shot that I had never tried before at this restaurant on a recent vacation to Ocean City, MD. It was packed with alot of happy looking people. I could tell it was a mixture of locals and out of towners. We didn't know what to expect with the meal but I must say it was some of the best mexican food we've had. As for the tequila bar, of course I had to try a Margarita, and I went for the house one which was very good. I wish I had gone for the Patron house special version. I also decided to spring for a couple special shots of some expensive anejo tequilas (not sure how to compare the cost because I've never bought it by the shot before) but I bought a shot of the El Tesoro Paradiso and the Heradura SS. The Paradiso was $19 and the Heradura SS was $30. They had over 100 top shelf tequilas offered and I must say the bar looked pretty nice. I can't remember which one it was but I believe the most expensive one was $90 a shot. Overall I was very impressed and am looking forward to my next trip to OC. Both tequilas I tasted were very good but I liked the Heradura SS better.

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