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    Default Old man at the bar

    Old man walks up to the bar to order a shot of tequila from one of my bartenders, Jorge... heres how it went down.

    Jorge: "What can I get for you sir?"
    Old guy: "Id like a shot of tequila"
    Jorge: "Would you like to look at our list, or do you have a tequila in mind?"
    Old guy: "Ill get the Cabo"
    Jorge: "Which one?"
    Old Guy: " The Cabo Respelado"
    Jorge started to laugh as he walked away. I had my back turned but heard it all and about deuced myself. He walks back over with the guys shot and...

    Old Guy: "Ah, saw you were laughing a little uh?"
    Jorge: " No sir, why?" (with a **** eating grin)
    Old Guy: " You didnt think an old feller like me knew anything about tequila, did ya!?"
    Jorge : " No sir, I was very surprised"

    OMG when that guy left we must have fallen over dieing laughing for a solid 3-4 minutes. Everyone at the bar thought we were nuts, but it was funny to us. This guy must have been 70 and was serious as a heart attack... he thought he was pretty hip stuff!

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    Good one. I have a friend that always tells me about the new Tequilas he has tried, and says he loves the "respados". I used to correct him, now I just chuckle on the inside.

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    Maybe they are on to something!! A universal Mexican thirst quencher is called a "Raspado" .. basically a Slurpee, made by pouring flavored syrup over crushed ice. If you like yours cold, you could have a Blanco Raspado.. or a
    "Virgen Raspada" with agave nectar over ice.


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