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Thread: Ordering from Del Maguey

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    Default Ordering from Del Maguey

    I have been expanding my horizons lately, and I'm really wanting to try some good Mezcal. I see that I can order direct from Del Maguey, but their order form looks pretty unsecure and kinda makes me nervous. Anybody here ever order from them? No problems?

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    They are a super company. Very friendly and helpful. I had several questions that I asked before my first order. I didn't keep my emails so I don't remember the names but I think it was Susan who helped me and actually refered a question directly to the owner (name? sorry) who answered personally. I have ordered several of the posters as well that are very nice. If You don't want to use the website to order they can handle it all over the phone. I remember having a little trouble with the order page as well. Unforunately, I end up being not a big fan of mezcal after all. At least the Chichicapa. I was like you looking to expand my horizons and decided to try mezcal. I am not a smoker and honestly to me, it tastes just like cigarrette smoke or a doussed campfire. I was recommended by the owner to try the San Luis del Rio for one from their line-up that is closest to tequila but I haven't tried it yet.
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    Thanks for the info. Now, I just have to decide which one I want to try first.

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    Default Del Maguey

    The guy's name is Ron Cooper. He's a hippie artist in Taos who spends a lot of time in Oaxaca and is pretty much the English-speaking world's foremost authority on it.

    There's a site called that I think he might be behind, but it's totally legit. I don't think he uses it as a forum to plug his brand. He's kind of aloof when it comes to money, anyway.

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