Anejos Reserva de los Gonzalez Tequila Anejo

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Tequila Reserva de los Gonzalez Anejo

Reserva de los Gonazalez Tequila is produced in Los Altos, Jalisco, in the land in which we were born, and where the soil enriches the Tequilana Weber Blue Agave plant.

More than a Tequila, Reserva de los Gonazalez represents the present, past, and future of our family, that for generations has grounded its roots and gained maximum recognition from Mexico and the world in the production of premium tequilas.

Only with time, knowledge, and recognition, we transform the nectars of the Blue Agave into the most exclusive Tequila to share with you. In this bottle is our history, Reserva de los Gonzalez Blanco 100% pure Agave.

Reserva de los González directors, Eduardo González and Francisco González, sons of Don Julio González, the family responsible for Don Julio Tequila, have more than 60 years of experience producing premium Tequila made from the Blue Agave Tequilana weber plant.

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