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Tonaya, Jalisco

Reserva Quintero Destilado de Agave Reposado

Reserva Quintero is a Destilado de Agave product, which is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, grown in Tonaya, Jalisco. Reserva Quintero has preserved the old traditions and techniques to produce a superb product with rich Agave character.

Our Agave is harvested at full maturity, around 8-10 years, and is then cooked in a stone oven for 3 days. Once cooked, the Agave is shredded and placed in tanks, and allowed to ferment slowly for up to 10 days. We then distill the fermented juices in a copper pot, and age the "el chorrito" in French Oak barrels from 6-12 months.

Reserva Quintero Reposado is bottled at 35% alcohol volume.

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