Blancos Mijes Mezcal Joven

Mijes Mezcal Joven Hot

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Mijes Joven Mezcal

Mijes Joven Mezcal is 100% Espadin Agave, cooked in a traditional underground conical oven fueled by wood logs. The juice is then extracted via Tahona and horse, and fermented (with the fiber) in wooden tanks. Mijes Mezcal is then double distilled in a small copper alambique.

In the native tribes existing in Oaxaca, the Mijes are considered unique for maintaining a different culture and language. The Mijes use traditional methods and old standards for everyday life and still incorporate magical / religious beliefs.

Mijes is a handcrafted Mezcal from Oaxaca, guaranteed to be 100% natural Mezcal, and produced by traditional methods.

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