So I'm out with my longest standing friend (Greg) and his girlfriend (Jenn), I went out with them to meet her for the first time (shes gotta pass the test with me before he decides to keep her, thats how we are). Anyways another guy came along with us as well (Sean). We all go to a place called Margaritas up in Nashua, NH to kick back a few, and get some food. The menu has a Tequila list on the back of it, so naturally thats where I go.
Greg ordered some blue frozen thing and some food, Jenn ordered some green frozen thing, and some food, Sean ordered a Micheloeb light (I spelled that wrong, but who cares) and some food; I had already had dinner, so I just ordered a drink... here the conversation I had with the waiter...
Me: "I'd like a Cuervo RDLF, Neat **while holding up three fingers**.
Watier: "So a shot of Cuervo?"
Me: "No, just bring me a snifter with this much RDLF in it, no ice, no nothing" **holding up finger and thumb to indicate depth of liquid I want this time**
Waiter: "Uhhh, umm, well I can't do that, it only comes in shots"
Me: "Ok, then, bring me four shots of RDLF, and a snifter"
Watier: "umm I can't do that either..."
Me: "why not?"
Watier: "I can't serve you four shots at once... but other people at the table can order shots, and I can bring them to you that way.. we're only allowed to serve two drinks at a time, per person"
Me: "Ok, then I'll have two shots of RDLF, and Greg will have a shot of RDLF, and Jenn will have a shot of RDLF"
Waiter: Ok, I'll bring them over
Me: **Calls after waiter** "Don't forget the extra snifter!"

The second waitress came over with Greg, Jen and Seans's drinks, and proceeded to spill them on herself, and almost on me...

Then she brought over the second set of drinks, I cringed in anticipation, but she did not spill. She then proceeded to attempt to distribute the shots of cuervo, which I snatched up quickly and poured in the spare snifter, her jaw dropped, and she just turned and walked away. As I'm drinking it, Sean turns to me and says:
"Dude, why didn't you just order beer?"
Me: "Because its RDLF, and it's my favorite"
Sean: "Hey, you didn't get any food.."
Me: "Thats because I wanted tequila"

It was a funny situation, and my drink order took longer than everyone's food and drink orders combined, and my tequila cost just about as much as everyones food and drink orders combined, but it was a good time, and the strange look Sean kept giving me while I drank tequila straight was hilarious; after all he drinks mich. light, what does he know about drinking anyways? The waiter was pretty cool about it, and also, gawked at me when I sipped the tequila instead of shooting it, the waitress gave me awkward glances at random intervals; Margaritas isnt exactly a "Tequila Joint" but they do have some OK tequila on the menu; makes me wonder how much of the premium stuff they go through on a regular basis....