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    My wife & I attended a party last night hosted by one of my business clients. It was a Las Vegas themed "Rat Pack" type of party so I dress up as Frank Sinatra, complete with fedora, suspenders, etc. and my wife goes as Marilyn Monroe. I have been slowly introducing my client to real 100% agave tequila. In the past, like most people we know, he was under the impression that Cuervo Gold was a good tequila. Knowing that he was a big cigar guy, I had given him a bottle of Distinguido Anejo (NOM1413) as a gift just a few weeks earlier. I told him that it was a nice sipping tequila and the bottle would display nicely on his bar shelf. Anyway, we show up at the party and I bring him a bottle of Chaya Silver (NOM1420). I felt that this bottle would also look real nice on his bar and would help to expand his tequila knowledge. Well to make a long story short, once the night got going, everyone wanted to sample the "cool looking blue bottle" of tequila! For many guests their only other experiences with tequila was mainly with Patron. They couldn't believe how tasty this tequila blanco was! Later on the cigars started to light up and then I had people sampling snifters of Distinguido. It was kind of like an Agave 101 class but I had a lot of fun talking and educating people about the wonderful world of tequila! By the end of the evening, we had put a pretty good dent in both bottles and it was......time for Frank & Marilyn to go home
    Sip & Savor... please don't shoot!

    Salud, Jim

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    That's a great story and I am sure it was a great experience as well!
    Of all the things I've lost during my life, I miss my mind the most!

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