Tequila Chicken
Serves 2

2 chicken breasts

1/2 ounce onion, chopped

12 jalapeno slices (nacho style)

2 garlic cloves, chopped

2 ounces tequila

1/2 red pepper, cut julienne-style

8 ounces heavy cream

Pinch of salt and pepper (to taste)

Pan-sear chicken breasts, cooking evenly on both sides. When chicken is two-thirds cooked, add onion and jalapeno, allowing the flavors to release without browning. Add garlic.

When garlic releases aroma, add tequila to deglaze pan. Add cream, salt and pepper and reduce sauce by a quarter. When almost done reducing, add in bell pepper and heat through.

Arrange on plate with jalapenos and peppers piled on top of chicken in a pool of sauce.

Source: Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar