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Thread: Roquefort Anejo Filet's

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    Default Roquefort Anejo Filet's

    Thanks to Dave Yan for the inspiration on this. Combined some recipes I foudn online and some of my own to come up with it. Its a killer dish

    Ingredients – Serves 2

    -2 filets, portabella caps, or similar
    -2 tbsp butter
    -2 tbsp Anejo tequila
    -1/2c Heavy Cream
    -1.5oz Roquefort or Maytag Blue Cheese
    -3 cloves of garlic, roasted and diced
    -3 Serrano Peppers, roasted and diced


    -Heat a pan with a some butter, when the butter starts to foam add your steaks/portabella’s.
    -Sear both sides and remove from heat
    -In the same pan with the heat turned down add the tequila and swirl through the pan to deglaze.
    -Add the cream and stir until it sticks to the back of a spoon
    -Mix the cheese in until its melted, add the garlic, serrano peppers, salt and pepper
    -When melted use immediately and pour onto the steaks/mushrooms.
    -Drink with a glass of exquisite Anejo, Casa Noble isn’t a bad choice btw.

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    Looks awesome, so does the scallop ceviche!

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    thanks, sorry for the big pics but I needed to show how good it was.


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