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Thread: Crema de tequila

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    Default Crema de tequila

    Here is a recipe for making Crema de Tequila at home with a little bit of work. It comes from the Agave Grill 589 Morelos Centro Puerto Vallarta, MX. the bartender that gave me the recipe is named Arnold did not get his last name.

    13 oz. Tequila
    13 oz. Licor de Caco
    6 oz. Licor de Cafe
    2 oz. pure Vanilla
    1 liter Carnation evaporated milk
    1 3/4 cups condensed sweetened milk
    6 table spoons of Milk powder

    Mix all ingredients in a container that is large enough to fit minimum of one gallon. Refrigerate and serve on ice or in coffee or use as a mixer with other licors.

    By the way this restaurant had the best tequila selection in Puerto Vallarta.

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    Default Re: Crema de tequila

    Excellent, thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to trying this!

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    Default Re: Crema de tequila

    I'm definitely putting this on my list of drinks to try. It sounds scrumptious.
    ~  Salud!  ~

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    Default Re: Crema de tequila

    I wonder if you need a blanco or reposado? Even a dark anejo may be good with coffee or chocolate hints in the aroma (yum)....

    I'm sure the quality of tequila doesnt need to be that great, maybe just 100% Agave with a decent taste...I wouldnt imagine mixing a premium with all of those dairy ingrediants. Do you remember what tequila was used?
    Tequila Don Valente....ask for it.

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    Default Re: Crema de tequila

    this sounds interesting, but I bet it won't taste like 1921 tequila creme... the fact that it has an equal amount of creme de cacao (licor de caco) as it does tequila kinda turns me off... it sounds cloyingly sweet IMO... maybe if we adjust the recipe to replace half of the other liqours with more tequila... and maybe add a dash of cinnamon and cloves... then it would have more of a tequila flavor coming out in it, and wouldn't be overly sweet. I think that sounds pretty good. And I wouldn't use a super premium tequila for it, but as bn087 said, probably just a decent but inexpensive 100% agave tequila. If I make it here, I'll probably try it with some Tequila Agavales since its cheap and still 100% agave. It does sound interesting though. I think I'm gonna try it.

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    Way ahead of you Kami,
    Try this something that I tried for the Holidays...

    4 oz of Horchata
    A sprinkle of cinammon or apple spice
    3 oz. of 1921 Crema de Tequila
    fill with ice shake and strain...
    rim a martini glass with green apple sugar

    I believe Emril says it best and ... BAM!!!!!
    Quien quiere un tequilaso....

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