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Thread: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

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    Default Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    New to the board, great sit. Anyway I have a question.

    Every time I see a drink recipe that calls for sweet and sour mix I read no further. In my mind calling for sweet and sour mix is a lazy way to make a drink, certainly a waste of a good tequila in my opinion. I have no problem using a sweet and sour mix (I'm talking bottled) given the right set of circumstances, but never at home.

    Am I being a little closed minded?

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    Welcome to the site.

    I agree, I have a tough time drinking the standard restaurant margarita once you get used to the puro margarita.

    Just substitute the sweet and sour mix with fresh squeezed lime juice and agave nectar, and let the Tequila shine through.

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    where do you find this agave nectar?
    is it a sweetener?
    when making what I would call a traditioanl marg -
    premium tequila, grand marnier or cointreau, squeeze of lime, I add a 1/4 oz or so of a sweetner I buy in Mexico - Madrilena Jarabe natural. it's a natural syrup made from fruits - costs about 4 bucks/liter in Mexico.
    I'm nearly out, and I see others talk about this agave nectar - is it similar?
    and where can I buy it in the states? I live in Tempe, close to Phoenix.
    mucho gracias
    tener corazón de oro

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    Try super-target, or a local grocery store that has a large variety of organic styled products.

    I found mine at a nutrition store called VitaminShoppe. I think it was about 4.00 for 8oz's, they had 3 different kinds. I typically use 1-3 tablespoons, it really depends on my mood and the tequila Im using.
    Tequila Don Valente....ask for it.

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    I live in a smaller city in a rula area, I found it at my local grocery store in organic food section. I also saw it in the local health food store.

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, they sell it as well.
    Life is too short to drink bad tequila!!!

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    Default Re: Is it just me? Sweet & Sour Mix

    Its usually near the honey. And its great stuff, its actually 1.5 times sweeter than pure cane sugar, yet its very low on the glycemic index which means it won't spike your bloodsugar as bad as regular sugar, which is great news for any diabetics. You can even use it instead of sugar in food & dessert recipies and in baking, and it tastes MUCH better than artificial sweeteners. My girlfriend is diabetic so its a good thing for us. Gotta love the wonderful agave!

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    Default You are not being close-minded

    You are not being close-minded at all. Bottled sweet & sour mix will never make a drink as good as fresh citrus juice and sugar/agave nectar.

    I HATE when a mexican restaurant uses bottled mix, especially the ones who claim to make their own mix with fresh juice and don't. In such a restaurant you can order a top shelf margarita made with expensive tequila, but your drink will still be made with bottled mix and taste like alcoholic Gatorade (sometimes you can't even tell if it has alcohol in it). I'd prefer a Cuervo Gold margarita made with fresh juice to a 100% agave tequila margarita made with bottled mix. It's a waste of good tequila. I've only been to one mexican restaurant that made a margarita the right way (Agave in St. Louis, MO), and that restaurant has closed. Most of the time I scope the place out, and when it's clear I'll be disappointed, just order some tequila neat or nothing at all.

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    Red face to sweet and sour.. or not..

    I prefer my teq neat...
    But when mixing for a drink
    I have a few family and friends
    that want to me use it so i just make my
    own from fresh lemons and limes.. I can
    adjust the flavors as i need this way. But'
    I do not buy bottled sweet and sour..

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