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    Is there a specific recipe for Palomas with tequila, squirt & lime?

    Is it just a shot of tequila with squirt over ice with a lime? It sounds like a nice refreshing drink for summer that's not too hard to make, how about mixed ahead of time in a large batch for parties.


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    I make palomas quite a bit. If you order one in mexico, it is usually made with squirt or fresca, lime, and tequila. I use fresh squeezed grapefruit juice in mine...

    1 shot of Tequila
    half glass of grapefruit juice
    half glass of squirt
    lime wedge
    rim edge with salt or sugar if desired

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    Default Re: Palomas

    So I ventured out to try something a bit different. I made some palomas the other day and thought they were great but decided to adjust the recipe a bit with other fruits that were in season....

    Strawberry Paloma: this was my favorite...

    1.5 oz of Blanco Tequila
    Juice from 2 Mexican Key Limes
    One large or 2 small strawberrys thinly sliced

    (Stir all the above and let this mixture sit anywhere from 30 minutes - 3 hours in fridge so the strawberry flavor starts to come out; any longer and its too much...)

    Pour contents into cup of ice; it should fill about half a small glass

    Top with Squirt and garnish with a lime wedge and strawberry slices on a wooden stick or the edge of the glass.

    I will try to take a picture later. It wasnt too sweet because the fruits contained natural sugars, the squirt is very refreshing on a summer day and with the sliced strawberrys in the drink, it comes out just as pretty as it tastes...a pale pink color with little carbon bubbles floating around the fruit....

    You can also rim the edge with salt or sugar but I dont prefer either....

    I made an entire pitchers worth for my birthday with:

    15 Oz's of Blanco Tequila
    10-12 Fresh Sliced Strawberrys
    12-15 Squeezed Mexican Key Limes

    I let it sit one hour and to serve just pour that and top with squirt in an ice filled glass.

    Tequila Don Valente....ask for it.

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    The paloma is my favorite Tequila drink after the Margarita.

    Large glass with ice

    2 oz of Tequila
    .5 oz of key lime juice
    6 oz of fresca
    Stay Frosty


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