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Thread: What is your preferred margarita?

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    I must admit, I do like an ocassional frozen margarita in the hot summer. For that, I DO use frozen limeade.....but we have a peach tree, and I love to add peaches to it. very nice!

    If making a good sipping margarita, I will use equal parts fresh sqeezed limes and Grand Marnier and 1 1/2 times of a good Anejo tequila. (I have a hard time buying blancos..even for margaritas.)

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    Default My favorite margarita recipe at the moment

    My favorite margarita recipe is constantly evolving, but at the moment I like:

    2 ounces tequila (I like Milagro blanco)
    0.5 ounces orange liqueur (I like Patron Citronge)
    0.5 ounces lime juice
    0.25 ounces lemon juice
    0.5 ounces agave nectar
    1.5 ounces water (I find this to be key to a good margarita, as it smooths the drink out a bit. The water that melts from the ice when you shake the drink doesn't seem to be sufficient. You can also replace some of this water with sparkling water, just don't shake the drink with sparkling water of course.)

    Shake with ice and fine strain (to remove pulp and ice bits from shaking) over ice.

    I find that as time goes on I prefer a margarita with less citrus and sweetness.

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    First, the backstory.
    A state contract liquor store about 20 mins from my home was having a closeout sale on a gift pack consists of a bottle of Chinaco blanco and a bottle of their margarita mix for substantially less than what Chinaco sells for by itself in WA. So, I went and bought a couple, but it turns out that Chinaco is a really nice sipper. What to do? Here is what I came up with.

    2 shots El Jimador repo
    2 shots of Chinaco's marg mix
    juice from one lime
    Shake with ice, and pour over more ice.

    Plenty acceptable, better than I've had in a restaurant in a mighty long time.

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    Default best margarita

    all about balance - here's my fav:

    3 oz of cazadores reposado
    2 oz fresh lime juice
    1 ounce light agave nectar
    splash of cointrea (three drops)
    stir; add ice - stir for 15 seconds and pour along with ice (may need to add ice; the colder the better; improves as it sits)

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    I like the juice from those cans of frozen limeade as a mixer. I mix it with 2 cans of water instead of the 3 it calls for. Then I take a rocks glass filled with ice cubes, add 4 oz of the limeade and 2 oz of Tenampa Azul Silver. Top it off with a squeeze from a fresh lime wedge. Hits the spot on a warm day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAgave View Post
    Shot o Tequila - Juice from half a lime - 2 teaspoons Agave Nectar - Ice
    I doubled your recipe, used 30-30 reposado. Crushed ice in a shaker. Strained - made 2 perfect servings.

    My wife thought it was the best margarita she had ever tasted. Half a dozen limes and half a bottle later a buzz was declared.

    I'm picking up more limes for tonight.

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    Default My Perfect Marg.

    Start out with 2 oz. Fresh squeezed Key Lime Juice, Key or Mexican Limes seem a little tarter and much more uniform in taste.
    2 oz. Contreau
    2 oz. Tequila, if using a Blanco I prefer Platino, if a repo. Don Modesto. My son found my stash just once and used Gran Patron Burdeos. I informed him that the tequila alone was $ 38.00 per shot. Never again.
    Maybe 3/4 oz. Agave Nectar-to taste.
    I prefer the tartness without the nectar.
    Stir, add ice and enjoy.

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    Wink simple really...

    2oz teq. (7 leguas) blanco
    1.5 oz cointreau
    2 oz oj
    then i float .5 ounce of beer on top.
    salt rim glass..lime wedge...

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    I'm becoming more of a fan of the Tommy's margarita. I typically go:

    3oz premium blanco/reposado tequila (Chinaco, corzo, el tesoro, casa noble)
    1.5 oz Persian lime juice
    .75 oz agave nectar
    .75oz purified water

    I really like the recipe because it let's the tequila shine instead of masking it like cointreau or grand marnier.

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    I usually go with the Casa Noble margarita recipe at their site:

    2 parts silver
    1 part lime juice (fresh)
    3/4 part agave nectar

    The ice melt after a few minutes "mellows" them out and they are near perfect for my taste.I can't see adding water to these - it just seems wrong!

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