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Thread: Any cigar fans out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patron View Post
    I had a couple glasses of Casa Noble Anejo last night with a Don Pepin Garcia - Cuban Classic robusto, man was that pair good. I was getting some different tastes in the CN from the spice of the DPG, it was really a good combination I thought.
    Hey Patron is that DPG an exceptionaly spicy stick? I tend to lean towards the more mild to medium flavors when I do enjoy an occasional cigar. Are there any from the Don Pepin Garcia line that fall into that category? I'm bringing a few sticks with me down to the Florida Keys this weekend. Cuesta Rey Vintage Centenario (one of my more recent favorites in that mild to medium flavor), St. Luis Rey Reserva Especial, Rocky Patel Sungrown, and a Thompson Tusker that a friend gave me for the ride down. I plan on having fun sippin & smokin and pairing up the sticks that best match the different juice we'll be tasting over the holiday weekend.
    Sip & Savor... please don't shoot!

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    Most of Pepin's blends seem to be on the fuller side with some spice, however the Cuban classic seems to be a bit mellower than some of the others. Try something from Fuente or anything from the Dominican Republic, overall I think they tend to be a bit milder. There are some really nice cigars coming from the DR right now. If you're going to the keys there's a couple of places I know that roll them right there, I order cigars from this place on occasion and they're pretty good, get the house blend barber pole, they're mild/medium and have a really good taste.

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    I developed a taste for cigars and good tequila at the same time, about four years ago during a trip to Mexico.
    While in San Felipe, I took a liking to Hoyo de Monterrey coronas and long coronas. Back in states my go-to cigars are the 5 Vegas Series A line.
    I've always wanted to try some Cuaba figurados, I hear they're pretty darn good.
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    My cigar experience started around 25 years ago. I was living in NY just down the street from a Teamo Cigar store. I stopped in one day and left with a box of Macanudo Portifinos in the metal tubes. $29.95 I smoked those for maybe 5 or 6 years until they hit around $50 bucks. Then I switched over to Fuentes 8-5-8 s. They were $19.95. After around 5 or 6 years they got up to $80 bucks.
    I moved to North Carolina in the 90ís and discovered JR Tobacco Ė Iíve been smoking their label most of the time. The Fuentes alternatives are every bit as good as the originals and sometimes even better. $29.95 for 20 thatís 1.50 each. If I lose one on the golf course is does not ruin my day. Also, itís easier to share.
    JR has 5 cigar bundle specials at the store. These are nice because you donít have to buy an entire box to try out a different brand and you are not paying the $8-10 single price. I picked up 5 El Ray Del Mundo Rebustos Ė OSCURO Ė $15.25 for a change of taste.

    Don Julio anejo and a Rebusto was last nightís combo.

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